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Post Wax + In-Growns
Post Wax + In-Growns
Post Wax + In-Growns
Post Wax + In-Growns
Post Wax + In-Growns


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After waxing all sorts of parts for more than 20 years, we know a thing or two about in-growns, blemishes & breakouts. And much like you, we hate em! So, we created a first-of-a-kind ointment to help reduce the inflammation, redness & soreness associated with skin trauma.

We use it under our eyes every night before bedtime to help lessen a.m. puffiness, on the inside our noses to open up sinuses, and every time we get an unwanted breakout just before our hot date-night. And regardless of whether you wax or (OMG I can't believe we'e gone say this) shave, it's amazing!

In fact, Post Wax + In-Grown the base of all our ointments and was originally made by a top-tier cosmeceutical chemist to speed up the healing process of severe burns. It's anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and healing properties are second to none.

Best part? It's not the least bit oily & smells awesome.