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HL-tinted sunscreen
HL-tinted sunscreen


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Why do we love it? Well, for starters its elegant matte finish is the bomb. After yoga, a shower (or anything hot & sweaty) it helps hide redness, sweating & shine. Plus, it evens out our skin tone. It's super soft & velvety and feathers on every-so lightly. Best part? You don't have to use a whole lot. One bottle typically lasts us about 6 months – And that's using it every single day.

It's a his/hers product that works for almost any skin tone, and could easily replace your foundation with great coverage that goes on thin and light. If we were stranded on an island and could only choose one skin care product to take with (Besides our Post Wax + In-Grown) this would be it. 

We always use it in tandem with our giant hat to block the sun. And it's our go-to for outdoor workouts & surfing because it doesn't sweat off and is so amazingly water resistant.